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Just A Wild Thought is a life and business coaching experience rooted in the belief that YOU are a force of nature and that once you empower your authentic self, your life and business will reflect just that.

It's time to stop asking for permission to be yourself or to want what you want. It's time to listen to that whisper and build the business you've always wanted to create. It's time to design a life that honors your own values and rules. It's time to embrace who you are, get clear on what you want, and implement the steps to get there. 

‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’


Mary Oliver

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About Me

Curious and creative, I’m a French-American ex-perfectionist with a love of the outdoors and a hunger for adventure, discovery, and connection.

I spent my 20s chasing winter around the globe while building my freelance events and media management business in the action sports industry. I had learned lessons the hard way and I had come out with a solid client roster, a good yearly income, and a lot of time to play. But in the day to day, I was so unaligned with my values that I had become a caricature of who I thought I had to be. And It was killing me.


So, I turned to a Coach.

Together, we worked on challenging my limiting beliefs, envisioning my ideal life, and actively making authentic choices so that my life looked truly like me. I was so blown away with my personal transformation that in 3 sessions, not only did I know that I would leave my job and why, but I knew that becoming a Coach was me living my life purpose. I knew I needed to share this deep, life-affirming, truly transformational journey with others so that they too could live without the shackles of obligation, the weight of judgment, or the need for permission to be their true selves.

Now, I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and I work specifically with folks who value self-discovery, growth, and adventure and who are ready to answer their life's calling. I help my clients challenge themselves to live authentically, boldly, and fiercely so that they can share their uniqueness with the world. I enable them to shape their lives and business to honor what's most important to them and consistently ask them to step into their greatest potential. I not only give them permission to live their life on purpose, but I hold them to that expectation because the world desperately needs more whole people showing up, fully alive.

Are you up for the challenge?

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