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The coaching and community to build YOUR business in the
outdoor industry.

You're scared but ready to make the jump into freelancing full time and are looking for the structure, community, and strategy to make it happen!

You're excited to dive deep, get clarity, and take action NOW.


You're already a freelancer/creative entrepreneur but you're not experiencing any of the freedom you've built your business for.

You're seeking the clarity, support, and accountability to get you where you've always wanted to go.

Get the tools you need for the success you deserve.

No upcoming events at the moment

Recordings include:

  • Communicate Your Value to Potential Clients

  • Nail Your Services

  • Master Your Positioning Statement


I'm Justine, your partner on this journey!

I'm an ex-freelancer in the outdoors industry determined to help adventurous folks build intentional businesses and meaningful lives. 

I love deep chats, time spent outside, and getting lost in flow.


As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, I couple my extensive coaching training with the 7+ years I spent building my freelance events business in the outdoors industry. 

I've coached 100+ freelancers and am all about saving you time, energy, and creativity by helping you unlock your potential as a creative entrepreneur. And I've partnered up with Basecamp Outdoor as their Official Freelancer Coach to do just that! 

Hi there!


A place where you belong.

Basecamp Logo Alternate.png

Basecamp Outdoor is a ready-made network to help you grow your career or your team in the outdoor/active lifestyle industries.


Whether you join our community, hook up your inbox with our newsletters or attend our events, you’re building your network and getting closer to your next dream job.

Join for access to:

  • Jobs, gigs and internships - fresh daily

  • A community that wants to help you succeed

  • Diverse employees, contractors and consultants

  • Real-time advice from experts and peers

  • Connections at outdoor brands & media like Patagonia, Protect Our Winters, or Outside Magazine

  • Experts, stories, or gear to feature in confirmed assignments

  • PR opportunities

  • The insights of an entire industry

  • Funding, sponsors, or partners

  • An anti-racist network that wishes to uplift marginalized voices

  • Help navigating your career, from finding your place to negotiating

  • A place you belong

 Build the business of your wildest dreams.


  • 2 complimentary 1:1 coaching sessions to dive deeper into your unique challenges

  • 12 weeks of 90min live group coaching sessions via Zoom with a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and ex-outdoor industry freelancer

  • Weekly homework assignments to apply what we’re discovering in session

  • Built in accountability to keep you moving forward and get sh*t done

  • Lifetime access to the curriculum, exercises and resources, and additional workshops


  • An intimate group of folks in the Outdoors Industry to learn, grow, and network with

  • Access to the private Just A Wild Thought Collective Facebook Group for Coaching Program veterans and Outdoor Industry freelancers

  • Special access to Basecamp Outdoor’s highly-anticipated freelancer resources

  • First to know about the Just a Wild Thought Retreat in 2023 (more info coming soon!)

Is the Basecamp Freelancer Boot Camp right for me?

The Basecamp Freelance Boot Camp is for folks excited about and committed to building their business while co-creating a new network of support and momentum in the outdoors industry. If you're ready to ask yourself some hard questions and get serious about building a business that supports the life you're craving, you're in the right place!

And if this program doesn't feel like a "hell yes!" to you, it may not be a good fit and that's okay! 


Contact me so we can find you a better fit, whether that's a different option I offer or another coach to recommend instead.

What can I expect?
In this program, you can expect to put in WORK so that you walk away with a crystal-clear vision for your business, the tools and templates to overcome any future challenges, and the structures and systems to ensure your business is sustainable. You'll dive deep into who you are and what's important to you and make conscious choices to create a business that honors your wholeness, creativity, and adventurous spirit.

This program is all about community co-creation. For our work to be powerful, it must be based on active participation rooted in vulnerability, energy, and commitment. Participants are required to attend 10 of the 12 sessions and are expected to complete the assigned prep work before each session. 

This isn't about me telling you what to do in your business; instead, it's an invitation to examine what's working and what's not so that we can build on your experience, the wisdom of the collective, and intentional action to create YOUR business, not someone else's.

Why do I have to apply?
This is a VERY intentional community program and may not be the right match for everyone. We want to ensure that participants are in a similar phase of their business building journey and are able to honor the values and commitments required of participants. If this isn't a right match for you, we'll actively discuss why and find alternatives together in our 30-minute Intro Call.

What is the financial commitment?

The Freelancer Boot Camp is a 3-month commitment of $400 a month and can be broken down in the following payment structures to accommodate varying needs:


5 payments

$240 monthly

All sessions, homework, accountability, &

community billed

Upon Sign Up
September 1
October 1
November 1
December 1

3 payments

$400 monthly

All sessions, homework, accountability, &

community billed:

Upon official sign up

October 1
November 1


1 full payment

$1200 total payment

All sessions, homework, accountability, & community
billed upon official sign up


Are there discounts or scholarships available?
YES! We're excited to be able to offer 3 sliding scale spots for members of historically underrepresented communities. If you'd like assistance in order to participate, please highlight this in the application so that we can allocate you a sliding scale spot!

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds or exchanges offered with this program. If for any reason, you're unsatisfied with your experience in The Basecamp Freelancer Boot Camp, we ask that you make it known to Justine privately so that we can come together and improve your experience. By committing to this coaching container, you are agreeing to the belief that the power of the coaching relationship can be granted only by the client and the partnership we create.

Will sessions be recorded?

Coaching, especially in a group setting, is most successful when it's grounded in trust and transparency. To respect everyone's privacy, sessions will only be recorded if all participants choose to do so. To ensure no content is missed when someone is absent, sessions will be transcribed anonymously and shared as a resource to Boot Camp members. 

Why so much talk about vulnerability?

Starting or running a business, especially one based around creativity, REQUIRES vulnerability. Don't believe me? Check out Brené Brown's research.


But seriously, starting or growing a business involves constant self-reflection, experimentation, and risk taking- all things that are rooted in the willingness to be uncomfortable and deal with the unknown. Nothing makes you confront your inner critics, fear of rejection or desire to play small like making something and asking someone to pay you for it. So do yourself a favor, and let's get vulnerable!

Also, coaching, or rather, GOOD coaching, isn't just about helping people reach their goals or getting them to make a few changes in behavior, it's about helping someone transform into the person they've always wanted to be. And vulnerability is ground zero for true transformation.

Finally, this entire program is based in community, both in the program community but also in the outdoor industry at large. Freelancing is notorious for keeping hard fought information close and we're all about blowing that wide open, sharing information so that freelancers in this industry as a whole can benefit. 

I still have questions!
Awesome! Please reach out either by email at or via the Contact page.

Say "hell yes" to community, clarity, and action.

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