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Yearly Business Review & Roadmap

An intensive, 4-hour community experience to reflect and refocus your business as we enter 2023.

You've put a lot of work into your business -

it's time to make sure it's working for you!

If you're like most freelancers and small business owners, you're so focused on the day to day that you're rarely (if ever) reflecting on and, therefore, improving your business.

But pulling back to ask yourself tough questions, identify patterns, and make impactful changes is essential to true business growth.

Need a kickstart to taking your business to the next level in 2023? Consider this your invitation.

Join a powerful, virtual group on Saturday, December 17th for this community coaching event with fellow freelancers, business owners, and creatives.


Together, we’ll dive deep into what you’ve learned from this past year, address what you’ve been avoiding, and create action-minded strategies to apply to your business as it enters a new year.

Level up your business in 2023.

Workshop: Rewrite Your Money Stories (Part 1/3 of the Money Clarity Series)
Workshop: Rewrite Your Money Stories (Part 1/3 of the Money Clarity Series)
Jul 31, 2024, 4:00 PM EDT
Virtual Event on Zoom

Celebrate what your business has accomplished and plan for what’s next.

This community-oriented, one-off package is for business owners who seek a structured setting to review their past year and build an actionable roadmap for 2023.


This isn’t one of those “new year, new you” kind of programs. 


Instead, it's a "you have done a lot, failed a lot, and achieved a lot, so let's build on those experiences" kind of program.

It’s a deep-dive reflection and planning session that focuses on what did and didn't work, sharing the lessons you've learned, and applying community wisdom to help your business thrive in 2023.


You’ll walk with a clear plan, actionable steps, and a posse of accountability partners to grow your business in 2023.


Dedicated Time + Space

Get your head out of the day to day and lean into the meta-view. Consider this a mini working retreat for your business brain.

Goal-Inspiring Prompts

Answer dig-deep questions that have been proven to help people bring clarity and focus to their goals.

Built-In Accountability

Hold yourself accountable to doing the hard work with the help of a community excited to learn from one-another.

Time To Let It All Sink In

Breathe new energy into your business with dedicated breaks and achievable timelines for your business growth in 2023.

No More Procrastination

Finally address the hard topics you've been avoiding all year in an environment where you’re excited to dive in.

Motivating Homework

Continue your growth beyond our session with additional homework prompts and accountability opportunities.

​This is the perfect blend of solo deep work and a community mastermind. 


You'll dive deep into the nitty gritty of your business thanks to proven prompts and exercises, and come up for air to share with fellow business owners in a group setting. 

We'll tackle some of the biggest topics like:

- landing your ideal client

- maximizing your income streams
- finding your service to stabilize the ebbs and flows

- perfecting your lead generation

- optimizing your systems

- defining and creating work-life balance

And so much more.


You'll walk away with clear goals, tangible action steps, and a deep understanding of your business so you never have to ask yourself "what am I doing?" ever again. 



I'm Justine, your partner on this journey! 

I'm a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and I've helped over 100 freelancers and small business owners in the outdoors industry build sustainable businesses and value-driven lives.

Combining my coaches training, freelance experience, and industry knowledge, I use tried and true prompts, tools, and methods to help business owners gain clarity, get strategic, and take meaningful action.

I believe in collaboration over competition, transparency and shared wisdom, and getting sh*t done your way. 

I can't wait to dive into all of this with you!

Hi there!


Who is this program for?

This is for anyone who is building or growing a business, whether you're a freelancer, service provider, or selling a product. Ideally, you have been in business or working with clients for at least 6 months and are excited to dive into the details of your business so you can identify what can be improved, and make the necessary changes for your business to thrive. 

What if I'm new to owning a business?

That's okay! Now is the perfect time to get your metaphorical (or literal) ducks in a row. Ideally, you will have been in business or have had clients in the last 6 months so that you have enough data and experiences to reflect on and learn from. 

What if I've been in business forever?

That's also great! As an experienced business owner, you have A LOT of data, experiences, and perspectives that have shaped your business into what it is today; some things are worth keeping and some or are worth changing. Do you know which is which? If not, it's time to find out! 

Is this all online or in person?

This is entirely online and will take place via Zoom on December 17th at 9am PST/12pm EST to 1pm PST/4pm EST. We will be taking periodic breaks in between topics to allow for some movement, refreshments, and creative resourcing.

Will it be recorded? What if I need to leave early?
To ensure that you're focused and held accountable in this work, this session will not be recorded if you're unable to attend or if you have to leave early. We'll have plenty more opportunities for similar experiences, so if you're excited about this but won't be able to make it, please let me know by reaching out HERE.

What's the benefit of group coaching?

The group setting is community oriented so you can celebrate the wins and the lessons as a team. You can book a Momentum Session if you seek 1:1 support!

What's the cost?

This 4 hour intensive community coaching session is $125 per person. I'm happy to chat with folks from historically underrepresented communities about discounts or scholarships, so definitely reach out if this applies to you.

I still have questions!
Awesome! Please reach out either by email at or via the Contact page.

Ready to create your roadmap to tackle 2023 with solid goals and metrics that track your progress?

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