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Are you aching for a supportive community setting to launch your business, dive into a project, or discover your boldest self? Join our fall Trailblazer Community Group or our New Year Pathfinder Group!


When going off the beaten path, the journey can be a lonely one, but it doesn't have to be. Community Coaching is a great fit for anyone looking to build deep and meaningful relationships with other adventurous folks so that they can benefit from the group's collective wisdom to discover, grow, and create from. With bi-monthly sessions on a wide range of topics, Community Coaching ensures that your journey is shaped and shared with like-minded folks so that your personal or business transformation can be an authentic and supportive one.

Is this for me? 

Community Coaching is a great fit for anyone wanting to learn from and grow with a community of like-minded, adventurous individuals facing similar challenges and proactively finding solutions. If you love the idea of collaborating with a team to reach both personal and common goals, this is for you! There are two Community Coaching series, the Pathfinder and Trailblazer programs.

What options does the package include?

Both the Pathfinder and Trailblazer Community Coaching groups are limited to 8 people per series and  include 2 bi-monthly 1.5 hour long calls covering an array of topics with numerous resources and exercises to do in between sessions. To kick off the program, each participant will participate in a complimentary 1hr long Discovery Session to get to know each other, set out clear goals, and make sure this is the right fit for what you're looking to create for yourself.


Pathfinder Community

The Pathfinder Group program is ideal for anyone struggling to find their calling or for those looking to gain more clarity about who they are and what they want. For more info, click HERE.



Trailblazer Community


The Trailblazer Group series is a perfect fit for those who are clear on their desire to start or grow their small business and create a tight community of fellow entrepreneurs. For more info, click HERE.

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Give this woman your money already! Justine is an incredibly skilled coach, and with expertise and empathy, draws you to summon the tools within yourself that you can't find on your own. She creates a safe, welcome environment from day one. You'll come out with confidence and direction, wondering why you didn't do this ten years ago.

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