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How far could you go if you truly harnessed the power of your team?

Are you ready to find out?

You know that your team has the potential to increase its impact but you're not exactly sure how 

You're in the process of partnering or building a team and you want everyone on the same page. How do you ensure that the values you seem to be aligned on will in fact be honored in the business or organization? Aligned vision means all the energy can be put into building and action. 



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Sarah Lamagna, Writer & Biologist

"When I first started coaching with Justine, I was lost amongst a new career transition that I didn't feel worthy of. Her insightful techniques and probing questions were a compass I wielded to find my way through it all. She always made sure I was the leader of my own path, never her. Instead, she was the one handing me the map knowing that I already knew the direction."

Sarah Lamagna, Writer & Biologist


Limiting beliefs, impostor syndrome, and inner critics are debilitating can and trap you in a life that looks nothing like you.

You deserve to give voice to your inner longings, trust your decision making, and take risks to be your truest self.

Coaching dives deep into limiting beliefs, shifts perspectives to offer more choices, and unlocks your Inner Sage so that the truest you becomes the driving force for your life.



Stuckness, inaction, analysis paralysis don't have to be a regular occurrence.


Often times, these are the result of a lack of clarity and direction, not  a lack of discipline, motivation, or desire.

Coaching creates the perfect container for reflection, self discovery, and exploration so that you can unearth the longings and dreams you've lost touch with and give them voice.




Fulfillment can't be  achieved with habit hacking or temporary bandaids.

True alignment and fulfillment requires consistent personal reflection, action, and growth suited to your specific values and vision.

Coaching provides the space to dive deep into your truest self, the action to make tangible progress, and the commitment to hold you to your own vast potential.

Build on all that you've already accomplished.

Justine's style of coaching worked perfectly for me especially at this stage in my life. It's a gentle guidance -a hand holding of sorts - that allows us to come to new ideas and conclusions together. Every lane feels authentic and she helps you tap into the truest version of you. It's a really organic and collaborative feeling and I'm so grateful! 

Christi, Business Owner

Coaching truly can align your team and amplify its power.

Since all teams and businesses have different needs, there are a number of ways we can work together to increase your team's impact.

Click on the options below to learn more or reach out to schedule a free Discovery Session to discuss what a bespoke package can look like for you and your team.



Adventurous folks ready to own who they are, overcome self doubt, answer their calling.

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Adventurous folks ready to own who they are, overcome self doubt, answer their calling.

Justine was so helpful. From the very beginning she understood exactly how to open my mind up and see the bigger picture. She got me motivated and held me accountable to get me back on the right track. The questions and topics we dove into were perfect in getting me to see the "How" of getting my life back in order.  Great Coach for getting the mojo back!

Bryan, Operations Manager

You wouldn't partner with just ANYBODY in the backcountry, right?

On your most daunting and exciting adventures, you deserve a partner who can co-create your itinerary, help you overcome obstacles as they arise, and challenge you to become the best version of you as you achieve your goals.

Oh, and provide French jokes, of course. Let's make sure we're a good fit!

Choose the right partner for your adventure.

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