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Podcasting   Purpose

Live Course


Launch a podcast that supports your values, vision, and business

These days, it feels like everyone and their mom has a podcast. You've been tempted to get your message out there but it's such a daunting task, like setting off into the unknown with no map,  compass, backpack, or partner and no clear destination. 

Let us help you Podcast with Purpose.

Thanks to podcasts, we now have the ability to listen in on intimate conversations and learn from people around the world.


But, while everyone can start a podcast, it can seem like a huge undertaking: how do you do it successfully?
This live course is designed to kick-start or reset your podcasting journey with intention and purpose. Thanks to a proven framework that will sustain your show and a community of accountability so you don't get lost on the way, you'll finally build a podcast that supports your goals.


Share your voice.

This live, 6-week podcasting course is for you if:

  • You're curious about the potential of podcasts but aren't quite sure how to make it worthwhile for your business venture.

  • You are ready to start a podcast but don’t know where to start. You want to set yourself up for success, but the process seems overwhelming.

  • You already have a podcast, but you feel stagnant. You need a reset and want to establish a better foundation to move forward with.

This is not a passive, sit-back-and-watch experience. This is an active, engaging and tangible live course with industry experts. You will build the necessary skills and mindset to podcast with intentionality and expertise. There will be built-in accountability touch points, as well as homework assignments each week to keep you on track and so you walk away with a tangible action plan. You’ll leave each week feeling inspired and empowered.


  • We are here to guide you through setting the right foundation for your podcasting journey. We will be leading interactive, workshop-style sessions, as well as modules filled with direct, active learning.

  • We will be your accountability partners through this process, checking in with you during the live course and beyond. 

  • We’ll be live with you for each module of this virtual course to answer questions as they come up, foster our community, and guide from a present place.

What to expect from us

  • You are an active participant who is ready to invest in your podcasting path. 

  • You will be present and ready to engage during our live sessions.

  • You will ask questions as they come up.

  • You will work through the homework assignments between sessions and come prepared for the next session.

What we expect from you

  • Clarity around your life and business purpose

  • A vision and mission for your podcast

  • Established success metrics for your show

  • An understanding of how to prepare and plan for your podcast launch, or reset on your podcast production

  • An action plan for monetization & an understanding of your worth

  • A framework for interviewing

  • A process for distribution and promotion without burnout

What you'll walk away with


About Justine

My life changed with just a wild thought: “my life doesn’t look like me anymore.”

It was all I needed to close down my events business, move back to the US, and google “coach, not therapy" which opened my doors to the coaching universe.

Three years later, I’m now a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach working with freelancers, creatives, and entrepreneurs, and living a life that looks exactly like me.

I believe that fulfillment is a radical act and help adventurous people build a life and business that honors what’s most important to them.

Read more about me.

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About Emily

Almost every sentence I speak starts with ‘I was listening to this podcast the other day and…’


I love podcasting and believe we live in the coolest time ever to be able to consume such intimate, beautiful and interesting conversations. 


I have produced, hosted and edited shows for almost 4 years. I started with The Stokecast in 2018 and now host and produce the Nature Untold Podcast.

With all that I’ve learned, I guide other podcasters bring their shows to life, grow their audiences, monetize their efforts, and serve their communities. 

Read more about me.



Justine is an incredibly skilled coach, and with expertise and empathy, draws you to summon the tools within yourself that you can't find on your own. She creates a safe, welcome environment from day one. Give this woman your money already!! You'll come out with confidence and direction, wondering why you didn't do this ten years ago.

Podcasting Course Curriculum


Module 1: Intention Setting

During this module, we’ll dive into the basics of intention. Through a workshop-style approach, we will review the concepts of commitment and perspective together. We will break out into groups to answer key questions and create clear intentions for ourselves.


Module 2: Podcasting With Intentionality

Using what we learn in the intention setting module, we will work together to get to the right mindset, provide clarity around purpose and mission, as well as discuss the success metrics we want to aim for with our podcast.


Module 3: Podcast Preparation and Planning

This module will cover the nitty-gritty of the podcasting process. For folks who already have a show, this is an opportunity to gain new insights and tips to improve your podcast. For folks who haven’t started yet, this will be a good place to take tons of notes and ask the logistical questions you may have. In this session, we will cover equipment, branding, community building, production schedules, and distribution planning. You will work on an action plan for each component as your homework. 


Module 4: Monetization 

First, we’ll discuss the conversation about worth and unpack the money narratives that are floating around in our brains. Then, we will walk through creating a monetization plan using your intentions, your mission, and your action plan from Module 3. You will walk away with a clear path for podcast monetization for your show.


Module 5: Production

In this module, you’ll create a framework for interviews, clarify your interviewing style, and narrow down what technology you’ll use. We’ll also discuss and outline your editing process. 


Module 6: Post-Production & Promotion

During this week, we’ll cover what to do when your podcast is out in the world. We’ll start with the logistics of distribution, and then move into promotion. You’ll come away understanding how to own your story and positioning, in order to promote your show in an authentic way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the modules live or are they pre-recorded?

For this course, each of the modules will be live events. We will be recording the sessions for future work and for sharing with you afterwards. This allows you to ask questions in real time so you're set up for success on your podcasting journey.

What is the time commitment?

Each week, we’ll have a 1.5 hour live session together. We will also provide homework assignments after each module so that you can deepen your learning and apply it immediately. You should plan to spend around 3 hours per week on this course.

What happens after the course is over?

We will check in with you two weeks after the end of our course to hear about your progress. You will have access to a private Facebook group with your fellow course members to act as your accountability partners. You will receive all of the recorded sessions from our course so that you can review any material following the end of our course.

Why should I take YOUR course?

We are here to serve you. We don’t just want you to learn random facts about what distribution software may be the best (though we'll cover that!). Instead, we want to support your growth and transformation through this course and beyond.

Say "hell yes" to giving your voice power.

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