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Turning One Professional Opportunity into Many More with Emmy Award Winning Director and Producer Amy Sabreen | Creatives in the Wild Podcast

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Amy Sabreen (she/her) is a director, producer, writer and 3-time Emmy Award winner.

She’s directed and produced top-rated unscripted television shows as well as award-winning documentary and branded content on 14,000-foot peaks, in the remote Alaskan tundra, below the ocean's surface, and in 17 countries.

Career highlights include producing NBC’s Primetime Paralympic coverage in Beijing, producing features for NBC Olympics, X Games and a wide array of sports, adventure and socially conscious programming.

This year, Amy began a new adventure, transitioning from freelance to a full time position as Director, Creative Production for Alterra Mountain Company.

In this episode, Justine and Amy chat about:

  • How Amy turned her first professional opportunity into many more

  • The importance of building trust and maintaining relationships with clients

  • Asking great questions is better than pretending you know more than you do

  • Being nervous means that you care and want to do a great job

  • Choosing your criteria for what work to say yes or no to

  • The tricky line of being a high performer and trying to avoid overworking

  • Working as a woman in a male-dominated industry and the pressure that comes with it

  • Freelancers need to follow up with potential clients; people are busy and emails slip through the cracks

  • How Amy figures out whether a freelancer is a great fit for a project

  • Amy's dad's three questions to ask yourself when you're debating taking a job

and more!

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Connect with Justine:

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