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The Business of Selling Imagination with Lisa Slagle | Creatives in the Wild Podcast

Updated: Apr 9

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Lisa Slagle (she/her) is the Founder and Agency Owner at Wheelie, LLC and a creative director and writer by trade.

As Lisa puts it, "making things with people adds deep meaning to my life."

In 2009, she started by handing out soggy business cards on chairlifts. Now, she's creative directed for over 350 brands, produced millions of dollars of creative work, and managed over 50 full-time employees and hundreds of contractors. (And yes, it was really hard, and she worked her butt off.)

Lisa lives in Crested Butte, CO, where she snowboards and mountain bikes, which help her think of bigger and deeper questions to use with clients on consulting and projects.

In this episode, Justine and Lisa chat about:

  • starting an agency at 22, then hiring people because she had too much work

  • the dance between the craft and the client relationship: building a radical amount of trust

  • how to communicate a vision to a client

  • being in the business of selling imagination

  • the personal vs. professional agenda of a pitch

  • three types of creatives, and who to hire as a freelancer

  • dealing with rejection

And more!

Connect with Lisa:

Connect with Justine:

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