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The Power of Play in Creative Entrepreneurship with Kika MacFarlane & Tala Schlossberg of Two Toes Creative | Creatives in the Wild Podcast

Updated: Apr 9

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Kika MacFarlane (she/her) and Tala Schlossberg (she/her) are Co-Founders & Creative Directors of the design studio Two Toes Creative.

Two Toes works with brands & people who have ideas that feel too big to visualize, stories that they can’t keep in, and campaigns that need creativity to fuel them. They specialize in making complex information digestible and relatable, and working with animation to turn campaigns into human experiences. 

In this episode, Justine, Tala, and Kika chat about:

  • How Tala and Kika formed their creative partnership after years of working separately in various industries

  • Landing dream roles at the New York Times and Patagonia after college, and still feeling the urge to do their own thing

  • Knowing when it's time to go out on your own and start a creative business

  • How Tala and Kika have different strengths that are complementary to their partnership

  • How Kika and Tala honor their value of creativity in all aspects of their lives

  • Taking constant steps before you're even sure of where you're going to land

  • Approaching projects with play, curiosity, and gamification

  • Using constraints and boundaries to access creativity

  • How play is the intersection of all the work at Two Toes

  • Noticing when a value is missing at work

  • Two Toes' creative retreats

  • Trusting your self and your abilities even in the face of self-doubt

  • There are a lot of people who can do a craft, but nobody has your special kind of magic

and more!

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Connect with Justine:

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