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A Multidisciplinary Approach to Freelancing with Katie Lozancich | Creatives in the Wild Podcast

Updated: Apr 9

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Katie Lozancich ("Katie Lo") (she/her) is a storyteller and fine artist through Katie Lo. Creative.

Storytelling has been a passion of Katie's ever since she got her first National Geographic subscription as a kid (which she bought with her allowance money). Those glossy pages and rich photographs were the catalysts for her career as an award-winning freelance storyteller and artist, creating content and stories for countless brands and magazines.

Katie tends to wear many creative hats—director, producer, photographer, and writer are just a few to name—and her work blurs the lines between documentary and fine art. She is one of three creatives at the helm of NEXUS, an all-women's ski film that was directed, produced, and largely filmed by an all-women's team, and she is already busy working on another film. When's she not working, you can find Katie home in western Massachusetts riding her bike.

In this episode, Justine and Katie chat about:

  • Growing up with a dream of becoming a fine artist, with pushback from adults

  • Finding a supportive community in Jackson, WY and noticing that making a living as an artist was possible, then working with Justine to turn ideas into action

  • Freelancing with a broad skill set and multiple passions when it seems tricky to combine them

  • Turning on "taps" of different aspects of your creativity

  • Owning all aspects of your identity and passions, rather than feeling limited by traditional definitions and structures

  • How comparison can lead to self-doubt and pressure to conform

  • Diversifying freelance skills to allow for more play and exploration

  • Joining the team at Nexus to create a groundbreaking, all-women's ski film

  • Creating a film: overcoming impostor syndrome, turning an idea into reality, the team's complementary skills, navigating the pitching process, and getting athlete buy-in

  • Filmmaking and finding funding without a formal background as a production company

  • Working on a new film with Alex Showerman about women's freeride mountain biking in Vermont

  • Building a career around passions to find fulfilling work that resonates with others

  • Being okay with uncertainty as it can lead to rewarding opportunities: learn from trial and error

and more!

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