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Embracing Your "And" Superpower as a Creative with Katie Cooney | Creatives in the Wild Podcast

Updated: Apr 9

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Katie Cooney (she/her) is an adventure photographer and outdoor illustrator based in Driggs, Idaho.

In 2022, Katie opened a small gift shop in Driggs, Fireweed Shop & Studios, with a focus on handmade and small-batch goods. Alongside her own, Fireweed features the work of over 75 outdoor-minded creatives and makers.

Katie loves the ways that her different work outlets feed one another, always keeping her on her toes creatively. You’re most likely to find Katie wildflower hunting, mountain biking, or backpacking during the summer, and backcountry skiing in the winter. She lives and plays in the mountains with her partner and their two rescue mutts.

In this episode, Justine and Katie chat about:

  • How Katie balances photography, illustration, and running a shop

  • The pressure Katie felt to choose between two passions (and realizing she didn't have to)

  • How tapping into multiple skills can give clients a comprehensive creative service

  • Nurturing a relationship with creativity by experimenting and not being too rigid

  • How to mentally separate your personal vision and a client's preferences

  • Detaching self-worth from feedback

  • Creating boundaries with clients around revisions and communications

  • The journey to open a brick-and-mortar shop

  • Investing energy into relationships with other creatives and women in small business

  • Embracing multiple selves as a creative and human

and more!

Connect with Katie:

Connect with Justine:

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