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What's Your Life Purpose? Let's Figure It Out.

Feeling directionless, stagnant, or lost can be the most debilitating feeling, especially when you know that there's a vibrant, whole person waiting to take control of your life. If this is you, know that you're not alone and that there really is a way forward.

Knowing What You Need to Feel Fulfilled

In my work as a Co-Active Coach, I work most often with my clients in the Principle of Fulfillment so that they can get ever closer to a clear view of who they are and what they want.

This is a space dedicated to YOU, where we really dig into your values, or what themes are important to you personally and what vision you have for your life.

The goal is to bring language to your longings.

The Power of Life Purpose Statements

Another tool I use to combine my client's desires with action is The Life Purpose Statement, which is structured as:

I am the __________ that _______.

The goal here is to embrace the expansiveness that lives in each of us.

Are you a photographer? Maybe you're actually ‘The child that captures life's most memorable experiences.’

Are you passionate about environmental justice? Perhaps you're ‘The protector of Earth's creatures that fights fire with nature.’

Are you a dedicated parent? Could you actually be ‘The educator that enables growth in the next generation of global citizens?’

The goal here isn't to have something so concrete that it feels restrictive; it's the opposite. You are full of limitless potential and this statement can serve as a powerful reminder.

Write Your Own Life Purpose Statement

So, what makes you who you are? What attributes do you like about yourself?

Think about it.

Now, take some of that information and think about nouns that capture the amplified version of this. Lean away from humility and into fun. For example, if you're creative, artistic, and reflective, perhaps you are:

  • the artist

  • the maker

  • the philosopher

For the final piece, think about:

  • What do you stand for?

  • What is the impact you wish to have on the world?

  • Are you looking to give hope to the underdogs of the world?

  • Are you here to unleash bravery into every day?

Finally, combine both elements and you have your Life Purpose Statement.

As for me, I shied away from this concept in my training FOREVER. It felt audacious to make this kind of bold declaration and of course, my favorite saboteurs would show up with their ‘who do you think you are?’ harassment.

But is it really that audacious to embrace your purpose in the way that most of your friends, loved ones, and even strangers see you?

No, it's really not.

And so, here’s mine:

I am the fierce protector of dreams that empowers you to blossom into who you truly are.

Curious on how we can partner together so we can fulfill each others' purposes?

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