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New Year, New… Ways of Thinking About Resolutions

Updated: Mar 24

It might surprise you to hear that as a coach, I’m really not a big fan of setting New Years resolutions. Though I know from all the books I’ve read on habit formation (I’ve always been a bit of a self-help book geek) that this time can be the perfect moment to commit to change, I feel like we tend to do it all backwards.

We put the action before the reflection. We say that we’re going to lose ten pounds or make X times more money or plan that dream trip before understanding what it is that’s driving that desire. What are the values you’re trying to honor with that resolution? Is it health? Or freedom? Or adventure?

In the past, we haven’t failed because we’re lazy or forgetful or because we didn’t care enough. We failed because we didn’t tie it in with our values, with our most authentic self. We didn’t have a greater reason that can push us through when the going gets tough. So this year, set yourself up for success by reflecting on what’s important to you and how you can incorporate more of that into your life on a regular basis. Let that be your resolution. And remember, in a world where we’re bombarded by all the crazy, cool, and incredible thing people have done on their social stream, stay generous with yourselves friends! We’re all on our own journey.

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