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To Be a Great Freelancer, Be of Service with Shandi Kano | Creatives in the Wild Podcast

Updated: Apr 9

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A rising tide lifts all ships, which is why we need to share our knowledge and experiences around freelancing.

Shandi Kano (she/her) is a commercial and freelance producer by trade and endurance runner, snowboarder and splitboarder by passion, living in Salt Lake City.

Shandi started freelancing 10 years ago following an impactful career at ESPN and powerful life change and has since worked with some of the biggest brands in the outdoors industry and beyond.

In this episode, Justine and Shandi chat about:

  • Allowing life changes to embrace new identities

  • How dealing with struggle and failure is essential to freelancing

  • Choosing what to prioritize in life and business

  • Why trust and NOT ego is essential to landing your next client

  • Freelancing is a team sport; build community

  • Rates, pricing, and understanding your worth as a freelancer

  • Being of service as a freelancer and a leader

  • Mentorship in the outdoors industry and giving back

and more!

Connect with Shandi:

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Connect with Justine:

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