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Leaning into Reciprocity to Build True Community in Creative Work with Tori Duhaime | Creatives in the Wild Podcast

Updated: Jun 27

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Tori Duhaime (she/they) is a photographer and movement artist based in Richmond, Virginia.

She works in the outdoor industry space as a photographer, marketing professional, program coordinator, and social media specialist. Their workflow and creative approach is heavily informed by her former career in dance as well as the abundant community gained over the course of years and places.

In addition to capturing others' experiences in motion, Tori is a serial hobbyist from skiing to mountain and gravel cycling, climbing, rafting, hiking, and beyond. She is the co-creator of the Outdoor Adventure Photo Coalition in Richmond.

In this episode, Justine and Tori chat about:

  • Tori's journey from professional dancing to photography and movement art, and how her dance background informs her creative work

  • The work of finding a new creative community after a cross-country move

  • The rich sense of community in Richmond, VA, especially in cycling

  • Building an inclusive community through mutual aid and reciprocity

  • Dismantling scarcity mindset in freelancing: we can collaborate instead of compete

  • How photography is an opportunity for representation and Tori's creative ways of using her art for inclusion

  • Building a group for photographers to collaborate on a deeper level, rather than just taking the perfect shot

  • The issues around complaining about people moving to west coast outdoor hubs

  • The incredible benefits of east coast outdoor hubs, including Richmond

  • How marketing departments need to examine their personal and professional channels for representation

and more!

Connect with Tori:

Connect with Justine:

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