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You know you want to set off on a journey but you're not quite sure of the destination. Your life or business vision still feels blurry or unclear, making it nearly impossible to get started or to put real energy, time, and focus into taking action. Buy you know you're ready to put in the work! In the Direction Momentum Session, we'll do just that. Together, we'll identify your most important Values, clarify your Vision, and create a detailed strategy so that you can channel all of your energy into meaningful and impactful action. We'll get you unstuck to so you can get going!

For Freelancers, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs, this will include a full Business Strategic Plan for 2022 covering topics such as Services, Products, Marketing, Operations, and Finances.

Direction - Momentum Session

Excluding Sales Tax
  • What's included?

    - A 25 question Clarity Questionnaire to prep our session
    - A 2hr session with a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
    - Your Vision and Goals breakdown or Business Strategic plan for 2022
    - 2 months of weekly accountability check ins to establish productive habits
    - 45min Accountability Session 2 months later
    - Unlimited access to The Collective, a member-only group for fellow adventurous folks with workshop and event access

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