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Basecamp Freelance Rates Survey Results

The outdoors industry is notorious for a lack of transparency around rates and compensation, especially for freelancers, small business owners, and creatives. In an attempt to begin removing the mystery around this topic, 75 individuals in the Basecamp: Outdoor Jobs Group across the creative fields volunteered their current rates, whether they feel this does or doesn't represent their work, and what factors they take into account while pitching potential clients.

The results are separated into creative category, compiling all Content Producers, Editors, Designers, Marketing/Branding/PR, Photographer, Social Media Marketer, Videographers/Producers, and Writers into their own section.

For ease of use, the document can also be accessed HERE with a Gmail account.

As a Coach, I am struck by the number of folks who don't feel that their rates actually represent the work they do,  touching on the subject of Impostor Syndrome, lack of clarity on behalf of their clients, and the concern of there always being someone selling their work for cheaper. What this highlights to me is how much work we can do as a community to build each other up, affirm our work's worth, and enable ourselves to thrive while doing purposeful work we love. Let's keep this conversation going!

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