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You deserve a life that feeds you and fills you up, one drop at a time.

Lean into growth and celebrate the journey with regular workshops.


Whether you feel like something is missing your life and you're unsure of how to move forward or you have a clear idea of what you want but you're scared to commit, workshops are an accessible way of taking a step towards building a life that's aligned with the truest version of you. These workshops are rooted in vulnerability, commitment, community, and transformation. By blending the Co-Active Coaching model with other tools and frameworks we deliver impactful results through equal parts of reflection and action. Take a meaningful step towards your creating your own path.

Is this for me?

Workshops are a great way of getting new insight, additional tools, and different perspectives that ultimately lead to the next step in your life or business journey. Covering a wide array of topics, workshops offer the benefits of coaching such as finding clarity and building confidence, to anyone looking for self-discovery, growth, and transformation.

What topics do you cover?

These workshops vary in frequency and topics each month. The topics are often community inspired; recurring themes and conversations with folks highlight a need that is then addressed in the next month's workshops. Previous topics include: Managing Impostor Syndrome, Clarity using Values as a Compass, and Understanding our Money Stories. If you have a topic in mind, please reach out!

What is the commitment involved?

Workshops are often capped at 15 people and can either be free or require a fee. Because of the group work involved, please make sure you're committed to attending before taking a spot. 

Past Workshops Include:

  • Money Management for Small Businesses

  • Values as a Compass: Finding Clarity

  • The Client Game: Finding your Next Client

  • Money Talks: Understanding and Choosing Your Money Story

  • Tackle YourFear: Actionable tools to overcome the fear holding you back

  • Portfolio/Web Review: Get community-based feedback from outdoor industry pros

  • Community Meet & Greet: Network with fellow outdoor industry creatives

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Give this woman your money already! Justine is an incredibly skilled coach, and with expertise and empathy, draws you to summon the tools within yourself that you can't find on your own. She creates a safe, welcome environment from day one. You'll come out with confidence and direction, wondering why you didn't do this ten years ago.

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