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Your Services Roadmap

A Self-Paced Course

Design your business services to reap the freedom and control you deserve.

You started your freelance or creative business to make an impact on your own terms. But now you find yourself thinking: 
“Why isn't this like I had imagined?"

We get it – sometimes we focus so much on helping our clients grow their business that we neglect to intentionally grow our business, our way.

This means:

  • You say yes to projects that really don’t align with your vision, because it’s hard to turn down work. Ever thought, “What if nobody else wants to hire me?” Yeah, us too!

  • You wonder whether you made the right decision to go commit to your business full time, especially with the constant fear of financial insecurity.

  • You’re overwhelmed from saying yes and doing too much for too many clients– but aren’t clear on how to break free, take control, and honor your own needs.


You don’t have to limit yourself anymore.

Working Outside

Here's a little business secret...

When it comes to building a service-based business you love, there's no one size fits all. It’s a complex and nuanced experience that’s different for every business owner. The magic formula? It's the one you intentionally create for yourself!

Believe me when I say, you CAN structure your services in a way that honors your unique wants and needs, amplifies your specific talents, emphasizes your values, and sustains the lifestyle you crave.

You just need the space for deep reflection, intentional route-finding and structured strategizing to figure out how to make it all work you.


That’s where Your Services Roadmap comes in!

You're a side-hustler who wants to jump full-time into freelance or creative work.

You want to design your services intentionally from the get-go so you can start your business with a clear road map of offerings that align with your vision and values.

You're already a freelancer/creative entrepreneur but you're frustrated with your current offerings or projects.

You want to feel in control of your business and discover the freedom and creativity you started your business for.


Get a peek into what you'll discover in the course.


Module 1
Take Control

Choose to gain the clarity and confidence you need to sustainably run your business.

Module 4
Take A Closer Look

Analyze how you can use your skills and talents to design your dream services– not the offerings you’re currently settling for.

Module 2
Gather Information

Take a deep look at your current and potential services, with no limits on all you have to offer.

Module 5
Find Your Flow

Visualize a balance of time, effort, money, and enjoyment to discover how all your services can fit and feed into each other.

Module 3
Identify What You Want

Figure out what you love to do– and what clients would love to pay you for.

Module 6
Map Out The Big Picture

Strategically plan for the future by creating a vision that supports your meets your business goals and your ideal life.
Target Market_10x.png

Module 7
Make Choosing Easy

Identify your potential paths and decisions to learn when a service or project is (or isn’t) a great fit.

Module 8
Commit To The Vision

Confidently move forward with next steps toward your vision as you apply your learning to your work. You got this!

Get the clarity you need to take action
where it matters most.

You have the power to do business YOUR way.

This course is designed to help you...

  • Know how to apply your unique skills-- the talents other people want and need from you.

  • Look at potential income streams with a critical eye.

  • Turn down opportunities that aren’t a great fit (and find plenty of work that is).

  • Narrow down your services to what you like best and what you’re best at doing.

  • Determine what you can offer potential clients along all steps of your services ladder.

  • Construct a map to next steps toward your bigger business vision.

  • Overcome decision fatigue and narrow your focus to make the most of your time, energy, and creativity.

  • Grow your business through intentional action.

The best part? The answers are already within you.

So, let's dig in!

Work from Home


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Purchase the Course

This course is hosted on Podia, a platform where you log in to access the course lessons. Each module offers a video and downloadable worksheets to dive deep and get clarity immediately.
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Get To Work

Make your way through the video and worksheet lessons on your own time. I suggest allowing 2 hours to work through each module and make the most of the curriculum.

Join the Community

Get access to the Just A Wild Thought Coaching Community on Facebook, a space for past clients to continue their business and personal growth alongside likeminded folks.

Former Client


I'm hyper focused on what I'm doing and how it speaks to me (or doesn't speak to me) and taking really close inventory of my energy expenditure. I'm proud of the confidence I've found to really live my life this way.

Former Client


I'm noticing a huge difference in my ability to come at opportunities from an informed and values-driven position rather than a reactionary one. I'm also recognizing the strengths I bring to the table and how I can leverage those skills and experiences.

Former Client


Now that I have a plan in motion, I'm envisioning what I'd like my day to day to look like and the types of people I'd love to work with. I'm starting to see alignment with my career path and my personal values, which in return has already started to make me feel more fulfilled.


I'm Justine, your partner on this journey!

I'm an ex-freelancer in the outdoors industry determined to help adventurous folks build intentional businesses and meaningful lives. 

I love deep chats, time spent outside, and getting lost in flow.


As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, I couple my extensive coaching training with the 7+ years I spent building my freelance events business in the outdoors industry. 

I've coached 100+ freelancers and am all about saving you time, energy, and creativity by helping you unlock your potential as a creative entrepreneur. 

I can't wait to see where your wild thoughts take you!

Hi there!


I have answers. And snacks.

Is Your Services Roadmap right for me at this stage in my business?

This course is specifically designed for beginning or established freelancers, creatives, and small business owners looking to sell their services to brands, businesses, and individuals. The goal of this course is to provide you the space and structure to intentionally think through your services offerings, understand how they fit into your business model, and strategize how to leverage your offerings to support your personal values and vision. If you're just starting out, set yourself up for success! And if you're an established freelancer, it's time to identify what's working and what's not!

This is not for folks whose entire business model is based on selling concrete products but could be a great tool for people looking to add services to their product based business (ie. an illustrator with an online shop looking to sell design or illustration services in addition to their products). If this you and you'd still like support, please consider looking into our workshops or 1:1 coaching instead. 

And if this program doesn't feel like a "hell yes!" to you, it may not be a good fit and that's okay! Contact me so we can find you a better fit, whether that's a different option I offer or another coach to recommend instead.

When can I start?

As soon as you purchase! Podia allows for self-paced learning, so you can start whenever you're ready and work through the lessons on your own time. I suggest committing to the course when you have the space and energy to dedicate to diving in and taking action immediately, NOT when you're already stretched thin. We want you to be able to complete the curriculum to make most of your investment.

What makes this course different from other online courses?

There are TONS of valuable courses and programs out there but this is specifically designed to help freelancers and creatives get SUPER clear about their services to save them their two most valuable resources: time and energy.


This course is the result of helping 100+ freelancers in the outdoors industry understand their business model, what they're offering clients, and how their services fit and feed into each other to optimize their time and maximize their earning potential. With this clarity in your pocket, you'll be able to kick start or adapt your business immediately thanks to your personalized road map.

What can I expect throughout the course?
This course is hosted on Podia, an online learning platform. Comprised of 8 modules, the course includes videos to watch and exercises to complete that build on what has been previously covered. Although each individual module will bring clarity, this course is most powerful when it is completed fully. To help hold you to your commitment, you'll receive automated emails with reminders and encouragement and will be invited to join the Just A Wild Thought Facebook community so you can ask questions, learn from other course participants, and celebrate your business growth.

What's the cost of this course?

This course is priced at $125 and offers sliding scale options for historically underrepresented folks. If this is you, please get in touch so we can create a bespoke package for you.

How long should I expect to spend working through the lessons?

Although this is a self-paced course, you're encouraged to set aside at least 1 hour per module so that you can truly dive into the material. Each module will have a series of videos to watch and exercises to work through so we recommend approaching this work as a practice with dedicated time and space to get the most out of it.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds or exchanges offered with this course. If for any reason, you're unsatisfied with your experience, contact Justine so that we can come together, improve your experience, and see what we can co-create as a solution. 

I still have questions!
Awesome! Please reach out either by email at or via the Contact page.

Transform your services. Do your best work. Grow your business.

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