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Looking to grow a business that honors your values and fuels your life?

Then this is for you...

Whether you're just dipping your toes into freelancing, on the verge of burn out, or anywhere in between, let me help you find your way through the wilderness that is growing a freelance business in the outdoors industry.




Get the support, accountability, and structure to grow a sustainable business designed to honor your essential values.



Build community, learn from others' experience, and grow your referral network to take your business to the next level and enhance your life.

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Deep dive into topics, learn best practices, and access tried and true resources to improve your entrepreneurial mindset and skillset.


Want more clarity in your business?

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Hi There!

I'm Justine, your partner in adventure! 

Curious and creative, I’m a French-American recovering perfectionist with a love of the outdoors and a hunger for adventure, discovery, and connection.


As a certified coach, I couple my extensive coaching training with the 7+ years I spent building my freelance events business in the outdoors industry to help freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners build sustainable businesses and lives they love.

“I have a clear sense of the direction I want my business to head in…”

“…before I felt like I was grabbing work for a paycheck –whether or not it was something I enjoyed doing– but now I am focused on where I want my business to actually go and how I want it to look. I am already using this knowledge when pitching and talking to potential clients.”

Colleen   |   Photographer, Web + Graphic Designer, Copywriter


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