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Wildly impactful conversations with creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs in the outdoor industry.

The outdoor industry has its own culture and value system that can be tough to navigate. And if that wasn't hard enough, freelancing is notoriously ambiguous and secretive. This podcast looks to change all that!

Creatives In The Wild is all about providing you the tools, perspectives, and stories to help you feel connected and excited to grow your freelance business in the outdoors industry.

Guests share the experiences, wisdom and best practices that have helped their businesses succeed so you can too.

Recent Episodes:

I'm your host, Justine Mulliez!

As a certified coach who works with outdoor industry entrepreneurs, there have been countless times when I've chatted with folks about work and thought, "Wow, I wish other people could hear this."

So, let's geek out on entrepreneurship together. Creatives In The Wild dives into the nuances of freelance and creative work in the outdoor industry, giving you a variety of perspectives and the shared knowledge you need to start building a sustainable business around what you love to do.


Get inspired to take action and create work for yourself that's representative of who you are and what matters most to you.

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