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Your Partner in Adventure

Just A Wild Thought is a coaching practice dedicated to helping adventurous people own their authentic selves, build impactful businesses, and create fulfilling lives that honor what they value most.


‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’


About me

In three sessions, I knew two things: that I would leave the job I had taken as a temporary bandaid for my pain, and that coaching was the very thing I had been looking to channel myself into. I knew I finally had the chance to honor: 

Connection. Discovery. Adventure.

In 2019, I completed the Co-Active Training Institute's Core Curriculum and Certification Program and became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation.


I launched Just A Wild Thought that year and have since worked with 200+ clients, helping them find the clarity, direction, and confidence to grow their businesses and shape their lives around what they value most.


I especially love to couple my hard-fought experience with entrepreneurship in the outdoors industry and my extensive coaching training to help freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners build sustainable and purposeful businesses. It's a privilege to accompany people on their life journey as they become their truest selves. 

"This isn't me anymore."


My life transformed when, after one too many breakdowns (or spiritual awakenings if you're a Brené Brown fan), I gave myself permission to change.

Though my 21 year old self would have been SO proud of the life I had created for myself, at 27, I kept waking up to the realization that my life wasn't aligned with who I wanted to be.

You see, I spent my 20s chasing winter around the globe to build my freelance events and media management business in the action sports industry. I learned many lessons the hard way and had come out with a solid client roster, a good yearly income, and a lot of time to play.

But in the day to day, I was so unaligned with my values. I had become a caricature of who I thought I had to be. And it was killing me.

So, I turned to a coach.

Whether it's to launch a business or set off on another adventure altogether...

One wild thought can change your life.


There are many different ways of working together but our partnership will always been rooted in:

  • Values are the foundation of our coaching work because they serve as the compass for your life and business

  • Values and how you honor them are what makes you, uniquely, YOU.

  • Our coaching partnership is all about identifying your values, and ensuring that the choices you make and the actions you take reflect and affirm who you truly are.



  • Clarity around where you're going and why is a central focus for a transformational coaching partnership.

  • On any adventure, having a map that identifies the destination, route options, possible challenges, and important landmarks is key.

  • With clear direction, you'll be able to channel all of your focus, energy, and passion into building the business and life you've always longed for.


  • Without action, you simply cannot make progress. 

  • Our coaching partnership focuses on taking action in intentional and tangible ways so that each step leads you closer to fulfillment, growth, and personal accomplishment.

  • Experimentation, challenge, and play are all action items you can expect us to infuse into your coaching journey.


  • Learning to commit to your truest self is foundational to finding fulfillment.

  • Coaching is inherently challenging and asks that you ​regularly commit to who you are today and who you hope to become tomorrow.

  • Our partnership ensures that the vision you have for yourself is upheld, supported, and strengthened each and every day.




Get the support, accountability, and structure to grow a sustainable business designed to honor your values.



Build community, strengthen your bonds, and grow your referral network to take your business to the next level.

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Deep dive into topics, learn best practices, and access tried and true resources to improve your entrepreneurial mind

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