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How to Not Get in Your Own Way as a Creative Freelancer with Latasha Greene | Creatives in the Wild Podcast

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Latasha Greene (she/her) is the owner and head artist of Jitterbug Art Studio. She's originally from Baltimore and currently lives in Denver, CO as a full time outdoor artist.

Latasha creates bright and engaging imagery that celebrates diversity in the outdoors, illustrates the healing powers of nature, and showcases the importance of conservation.

Her past clients include Otterbox, Brown Girls Climb, Merrell, Range Magazine, Craghoppers, SNEWS, Access Fund, The North Face and more.

In this episode, Justine and Latasha chat about:

  • Why Latasha decided to move across the country to dive deeper into art and get out of her comfort zone

  • How she put herself in the right places for opportunities in the outdoor industry to come to her

  • The opportunities that came with connecting with other female artists and entrepreneurs

  • Latasha’s first big project: a hotel mural that spurred future work

  • Why Latasha doesn’t believe in imposter syndrome

  • Resisting gatekeeping, comparison and competition as a business owner

  • Benefits and challenges of building a Patreon membership

  • Diversifying creative work to avoid being boxed into a single form or style

  • Collaborating with brands for social justice causes

  • Breathing life into creative work when she feels burnt out or uninspired

  • Structuring the creative process to be more efficient and less reliant on inspiration

  • The importance of true rest and breaks

and more!

Connect with Latasha:

Connect with Justine:

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