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Take your business to the next level by diving deep, learning new business concepts, and applying them right away in a 2hr intensive group learning experience.

Because business strategy belongs to everyone.

Contrary to what society tells us, entrepreneurship CAN be learned, and doesn't require an MBA to be successful. So where do you learn the best practices for your business in the outdoors industry when freelancing can be so hush hush?


These intensives dive deep into business and entrepreneurial concepts to give you the tools, strategy, and structure to implement into your business right away. Because you shouldn't have to learn all of the business lessons the hard way.


Intensives cover a wide variety of topics and focus on areas that are often hidden in secrecy like:

- pitching to a potential client

- differentiating yourself from others

- closing a potential client

- negotiating on prices

- pricing psychology

The 2 hour sessions provide the time to grasp key concepts and to implement them right away.


Intensives enable the immediate implementation of new concepts, ensuring that they stay top of mind and have maximum impact right away

Time is spent:

-creating templates

- outlining new systems
- practicing scripts

- creating tools

-role playing of client/freelancer

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Apply new concepts to transform your business. TODAY.

Upcoming Intensives


You've been working freelance on the side and really want to take it further and are looking to get all the foundations in order before taking the big leap. You only want to build this business once, so you want to build it RIGHT.




You're already a freelancer or creative entrepreneur but you know that your business isn't meeting it's potential. You're eager to dive into your business blind spots, understand concepts you've only briefly ever thought about, and make changes happen TODAY.


You've thought about freelancing but haven't yet had the opportunity to sell your services. Since you're in the contemplation phase, you should think about joining our workshops instead!




You're a freelancer who thinks they've got it all figured out and only sees this as a networking opportunity. This is a group learning experience so if you're more interested in casual networking, join us for a quarterly Meet and Greet instead.

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1. Sign up for your Intensive

This is a live 2hr group learning experience that will not be recorded so it's essential you come prepared to dive in.

2. Join us with prep work complete

Each intensive will require some reflection beforehand so that you can make the most of the session.

3. Apply business shifts right away

Use the allocated time in our session to apply the newly learned concepts right away for maximum efficacy.


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