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Small Business

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What would you create if nothing was holding you back?

Support for each stage of the business journey.

You've been dreaming of leaving your 9 to 5 to live a life that honors adventure and autonomy, supported by your own business. But you're scared to walk this path alone.


You've made the jump to creative entrepreneurship or freelancing but you're not experiencing any of the freedom you've built this for. You're seeking the clarity, support, and accountability to get you where you've always wanted to go.


You've been in business for a while now but you're burnt out. You're craving the space and time to look at your business through a new lens and reshape your life.

Let's set you up for success.

"My work with Justine has completely helped me transform my business and grow into a confident freelancer. There is so much unknown starting out as a freelancer and Justine helped me so much with both my mindset and the nitty gritty details. Investing in our work together was one of the best things I could have done for my growing business. She's like a cheerleader, teacher, mentor, and friend all in one, and I'm a completely different business owner now and I'm so thankful for my work with Justine."

Designer & Artist


You are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole; you deserve to live a life that looks like you.

You're not here to do business as usual. It's time to blaze a trail with your values as the compass and so you can reach your unique destination.

Coaching creates the ideal container for the self discovery, exploration, and experimentation required to build a business that honors your values and meets your lifestyle goals.



Confidence isn't innate; it's learned. It's time to master that skill as you grow your business. 

You're already an adventurer. Let's draw on all of that courage, growth, and creativity to build or grow your business.

Coaching serves as the incubator for learning by trial and error, playing with perspectives, and applying a wide array of proven tools and strategies to build your ideal business as you become your truest self.



Launching and running a business isn't a summit push; it's a thru hike.

It's time to channel your love of freedom, discovery and adventure into creating a business that sustains you financially, emotionally, and spiritually over the long haul.

Coaching provides the necessary space to dive deep into your truest self, commit to your unique business vision, and celebrate the progress you make on growing a business that resonates with your core. 

Build a life and business that looks like you.

Together, we can get you to a place where:

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You're clear on what's most important to you and how you can honor it in life and in business

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You trust yourself, your intuition, and your decision making

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You know what you're building, have a roadmap to your destination, and have all the tools you need to get there

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You understand who you serve and the impact you'll have on them

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You feel alive, fulfilled, aligned and hungry for adventure

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You're confident about your services, products, and where they fit in the industry

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You quiet your inner critics and bring voice to your Inner Sage

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You have the tools and groundedness you need to overcome any business challenge

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You meet your own potential and sustain your life with impactful, self-created work


Justine does an amazing job. It's a simple sentence, but she really helped me unlock some of the deeper challenges I've been facing in my business. As a small business owner in the creative industry, my work is closely related to who I am as a person. She helped me see the benefits and pitfalls of this relationship and has given me a new perspective from which I now run my business. What I enjoy most about her process, is that she never tells you what you should do. She helps you figure out how to arrive at a conclusion on your own. You definitely get what you put into a relationship with Justine! I couldn't recommend her more.

Cole, Business Owner & Videographer

Coaching truly can help you build your business.

And since we all want and need different things, there are a number of ways we can work together to create a life that looks most like you.

Based on where you are currently in your ability to commit to this journey, there are a number of options to build or grow your adventurous business.

Not sure where to start?

Reach out to schedule a free Discovery Session so we can discuss what would be most beneficial for you!


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A 6-month coaching container for continued support and long-lasting transformation. 

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A burst of depth, energy, and action to launch you into the next phase of your business or life.



A group program to build community, learn from others, and share the adventure-filled journey.



A spark of wisdom, strategy and community to gain the tools for purposeful action.

Justine helped me overcome my crippling fear and self-doubt to launch the business I've been dreaming about for years.  She meets you where you're at, and gives you just what you need to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I'm forever grateful to have her as a coach on my team. 

Jessica, Writer &
Business Owner

Choose the right partner for your adventure.

You wouldn't partner with just ANYBODY in the backcountry, right?

On your most daunting and exciting adventures, you deserve a partner who can co-create your itinerary, help you overcome obstacles as they arise, and challenge you to become the best version of you as you achieve your goals.

Oh, and provide French jokes, of course. Let's make sure we're a good fit!

Want to learn about more opportunities to work together?

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