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Bonus Episode with the Advice For Girls Team | Creatives in the Wild Podcast

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We're spotlighting a new film that's encouraging young girls to show up as their true selves and not let anything stand in their way.

Advice for Girls is an all-woman ski production both in front of and behind the camera, from athletes to cinematography, photography, design, and post-production.

Between cast and crew, more than 30 women were involved in the production of Advice for Girls.

The film seeks to challenge the status quo of the industry: paying athletes and crew for their hard work, and giving women more recognition.

In this episode, Justine chats with 6 of the 7 crew members of the project: director Sara Beam Robbins, cinematographer Iz La Motte, producer and athlete Addy Jacobsend, producer and athlete Sierra Schlag, photographer Katie Cooney, and social media manager and athlete AJ Cutler. (Photographer Bianca Germain was on a shoot.)

Justine and the crew talk about:

  • creating a film with vulnerability, open communication, and teamwork

  • gender equality in the ski industry and being paid for creative work

  • crowdfunding a ski film

  • challenges of filming in winter conditions

  • the team's personal advice for girls

and more!

Learn About "Advice For Girls":

  • Website:

Connect with Justine:

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