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4 Myths About Running Your Own Business (And What To Believe Instead)

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

When it comes to limiting beliefs, self fulfilling prophecies, and myths around freelancing and entrepreneurship, I've heard them all-- and even used to believe a few myself!

What I remind myself and my clients is that freelancing and creative entrepreneurship isn't black and white- it's a complex and nuanced experience and different for each person, including you.

The goal to strive for is to build a business suited to you and your needs, amplifying your natural strengths, emphasizing what is already important to you, and sustaining the life you're looking to live. In order to do that, you might have to challenge these common but unhelpful beliefs.

How have these myths influenced you?:

Myth 1: In business, you have to learn things the hard way.

Reality: You don't have to learn all the hard lessons yourself.

Reach out to your community, take a course, find a mentor, ask questions, and hire a coach... you don't have to do this alone.

Myth 2: Freelancing guarantees freedom.

Reality: Especially when starting out, freelancing can require as much as, if not more work than a full time job.

To prepare, think of this as a slow build, not something that takes shape overnight.

Myth 3: Entrepreneurship is only for certain people.

Reality: Entrepreneurship can be a daunting concept but no one is a born entrepreneur; it's a learned skill.

Don't let outer or inner critics make you think you don't belong in this space because you're 100% capable of bringing your idea to life.

Myth 4: Freelancing can only be feast or famine.

Reality: Although freelancing can come in waves, being strategic in how you choose projects, how you space our your invoices, and how you work with clients can even out the highs and lows.

You have more control than you realize in navigating the waves!

So, how can you build a business that feels good to you?:

Or reach out to set a quick call so we can make sure this program is the right fit for you!

Let me know: What other myths have you encountered in business?

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