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Introducing: A Club For Creatives Who Need To Get Sh*t Done

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

As creatives, we have a tendency of seeking out the next shiny thing.

We get inspired by so many great ideas, but the application and implementation part is usually more of a struggle.

I started scheduling intentional co-working sessions in 2021 so that I could help creatives devote time to doing the important business and life tasks that usually take a backseat to the more fun, creative work. As a creative myself, I know how hard it can be to hold myself accountable and not be lured away by every new creative thought. And to make sh*t happen, accountability is everything.

Have you ever promised yourself you'd do something, but after ignoring it and ignoring it, you started to feel shame around not getting it done? It sucks, doesn't it?

Instead of shaming ourselves for not honoring our commitments, let's make it easier for us to show up as planned.

A strategic Co-Working Session creates the space you need to channel your focus, come up with a game plan, execute those tasks, all with a group of like-minded business owners to support you and hold you accountable.

What our monthly sessions look like:

Our 2.5 hour sessions are on Zoom with fellow freelancers, creatives and entrepreneurs.


We start with guided strategic planning exercises to gain immediate clarity on business and life priorities (some of which you may have been avoiding, even though you know you need to do them!).


Then, we set clear and tangible goals that align with your month's vision to build momentum instantly.


Knock the hard stuff off your to-do list with time dedicated for deep, focused workflow. This time is for deep work, for you to focus solely on what you need to get done in this session.

You'll be able to focus as much as possible, since you're held accountable by the folks around you, your phone's in the other room, you're not getting pinged with notifications, and you have no where else to be.

Keep to your commitments thanks to the built-in community accountability!

A fun twist for 2023: We're adding themes to the monthly sessions!

A month for Financial Admin, a month for Website Updates, and another for Client Outreach. Each month will have a suggested theme to keep you on track for your business goals. Need to file taxes? Here's your time. Need to finally upload your previous year's best work to your portfolio? This time is yours. Need to start contacting clients for new work? Let's go.

Co-Working is magic for deep work. Want to make the most of it?

I've noticed that by making co-working a habit, I maximize my deep work. So, I'm putting together a membership model, so that you can sign up in advance for the 10 sessions over a year. Call it the Co-Working Club!

This will automatically allocate deep work time throughout your year. (Single sessions are still an option if a membership model isn't for you!)

I'd love for you to join the Co-Working Club so we can get sh*t done together.

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