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The Two Main Elements of a Thriving Freelance Business (Solo Episode) | Creatives in the Wild Podcast

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I've worked with freelancers for over 6 years and was a freelancer myself for most of my 20s. On new solo episodes of Creatives in the Wild, I'm sharing wisdom and research I've gained from those experiences, so you can learn tools and strategies to use in your business right away!

Today, we're diving into the two main elements freelancers need in order to go from side hustle to full time (or to simply find more ease in their business).

Listen to hear about:

  • Being good at your craft, especially in a world of increasing AI

  • The importance of selling and sharing your own perspective and point of view

  • Having your own approach and style to make it easier for clients to work with you

  • Prioritizing personal work as a way to strengthen your skillsets and find more work

  • Protecting yourself against burnout by creating blank space for your inner creative

  • Being good at business: client management, services, and pricing

  • Nobody is born being a great entrepreneur, it's a learned skill

  • Selling a service that offers a purpose and gives an end result to clients

  • Money mindset and how it can shift a hobby into a functioning business

  • Choosing pricing models that suit your personal financial needs

  • Creating safety when deciding to go from side hustle to full time

  • Being comfortable with the discomfort of finding clients

  • Using empathy and listening in order to get jobs

  • Why collecting no's is a good practice

  • How craft and business skills feed into each other

  • How your adventurous spirit can help you run your business

Use this episode as a personal pep talk if you're feeling discouraged in freelancing this year!


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