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Building Systems of Support as a Freelancer with Emily Holland | Creatives in the Wild

Updated: Apr 9

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Emily Holland (she/her) is a podcast strategist, consultant, and coach based in Boulder, Colorado. She has produced, edited, and hosted her own podcasts, The Stokecast and the Nature Untold Podcast, and now helps individual creators and brands create and grow their podcasts.

When she’s not being a podcast nerd, she loves spending time outdoors, whether it be skiing, running, climbing, or hiking.

In this episode, Justine and Emily chat about:

  • How Emily got into podcast work during and after working in corporate

  • When to say yes and when to say no to work opportunities

  • The importance of a network and how to build one

  • Finding success through referrals and keeping clients close

  • Pitching as a core skill for freelancers that can be learned over time

  • Boundary setting as a freelancer, and the challenges of doing so

  • Implementing systems and processes into your business

  • Taking consistent action to reach long-term goals even with down months

  • Deciding not to work with a client who wants to work with you and giving them feedback around it

  • Being great at certain skill sets but not wanting to offer them as your services

  • Advocate for what you're great at and what you want to do to set you up for a better relationship with a client

  • Instinct vs. fear and building confidence over time

  • Everything is going to be okay!

and more!

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Connect with Justine:

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