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Reclaiming Your Authentic Self as a Freelancer with Emily Tidwell | Creatives in the Wild

Updated: Apr 9

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Emily Tidwell (she/her) is a freelance adventure photographer whose event and campaign photography can be seen in partnership with brands like Red Bull, Patagonia, and Palisades Tahoe.

Emily got her start shooting in the park for ski publications and eventually built a name for herself in the biking and outdoors industry as well.

In this episode, Justine and Emily chat about:

  • How she got her start as a freelance ski photographer and what it took to build her name in the skiing industry

  • What it means to have the courage to show up as yourself

  • Reclaiming the parts of you you've abandoned to "make it"

  • Living off the highs and lows of freelancing and why it's a recipe for burnout

  • Learning to take feedback to grow

  • Success as she defines it now

  • And more generally, how to avoid burnout as a freelancer

and more!

Connect with Emily:

  • IG:

  • Threads: @emily_tidwell_photo

Connect with Justine:

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