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How to Get More Done Without Burning Out

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Think honestly about how your life feels right now...

Are you meeting yourself where you're at?

Or are you pushing yourself ever more closely to burnout?

If you feel more like the latter, you can start to curb the burnout and reignite your inspiration today. Here's how it worked for me.

Where you're at vs. the urge to constantly hustle One of the most impactful things I learned from participating in an Outward Bound Outdoor Educator Course was: “You have to meet participants where they’re at.” It’s the basis for challenging and supporting students in their own growth process, not yours as the instructor.

A commonly used phrase in a lot of education, facilitation, and coaching spheres, I found this concept hard to grasp. Meet them where they’re at? Isn't it my job to push them? The part of me that is used to the grind struggled to wrap its head around it.

Justine in the North Cascades on the Outward Bound course.

But since that course, I've learned to meet myself where I’m at.

What it looks like for me to meet myself where I'm at

I’ve learned to pause and feel out how I’m doing, what energy I’ve got, what’s piquing my interest, and what’s got me bummed out. Instead of pushing too hard, burning out, and escaping in unhealthy ways to recover, I lean into my intuition, my moods, and my feelings to decide how to prioritize my work and what to channel my energy into. And this newfound approach has been instrumental in keeping me functioning and hopeful in the relentless onslaught that has been the last few years in the world at large.

As a collective, we don't have much to give anymore, so protecting what we do have to give, and being really selective about how that energy is spent, is essential.

By meeting myself where I’m at, I’ve been focusing on giving my ALL to the few things that matter instead of trying to do ALL the things.

A tool to help YOU break out of the funk

In the attention economy in particular, the ability to focus our time, energy, and attention on things that matter to us most is a skill we all need to harness, especially as small business owners with constantly competing priorities. My solution? Our monthly Co-Working Strategy Session!

This is our virtual monthly space where we provide the time, space and structure for small business owners, creatives, and freelancers to:

  • FOCUS their attention on what truly matters

  • CREATE tangible goals and a roadmap to get there

  • LAUNCH into action right away with 2 hours of deep, focused work

Join us the first Monday of every month, or try it out next month.

You'll find clarity with a guided strategic planning exercise, then set tangible goals to build momentum right away. Knock off your big to-dos during deep focus time, and stay accountable thanks to the community setting.

Co-working helps me meet my goals in the attention economy.

Try it yourself the first Monday of next month!

Let me know in the comments: How do YOU meet yourself where you're at?

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