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Honoring Adventure

Two weeks ago, I set off with six other women into the Paria Canyon, a tributary of the Colorado known for its sandstone, steep cliffs, and narrow passages.

Organized by The Cairn Project and guided by AWExpeditions, this trip was all about connecting ambassadors and alums of The Cairn Project to celebrate the power of empowering young girls and women through the outdoors.

After having felt disconnected from the most adventurous part of me, the invitation to fly across the country to an environment I've never wandered through with women I didn't really know to pursue an itinerary I hadn't thought much about... well, it was too tempting pass up!

On a platter, I was being given the opportunities to honor some of my core values.

For one, it meant answering the call of outdoor adventure, a quiet and tenacious yearning I feel regardless of how much I have going on in my life. My inner adventurer demands novelty, spontaneity, and a certain level of discomfort- preferably the kind that comes from long days in new environments, sleeping on the ground without shelter to star gaze, and having all of my equipment on my back. This version of me likes to remind myself that I am independent, capable, and stronger than I realize.

It was also the perfect opportunity to strengthen relationships within The Cairn Project community, both with ambassadors and their growing organizational team. The camaraderie that exists in women-specific communities is something that I truly cherish and having the opportunity to meet these women in person was energizing and life giving. We all have a tapestry of relationships and I am so grateful any time I have the opportunity to strengthen and tighten those ties.

And finally, it was a week of reconnecting with my wholeness and purpose. I love my work and truly see it as my mission to empower, challenge, and support people into living their life purpose.

This was a wonderfully energizing reminder of why that matters.

It also allowed me to show up as a whole person, not just a coach, and nourish myself in a way that I forget to in the day to day. I got to reflect on my journey so far and identify places where I can bring more of my whole self into my business and my purpose.

I'm still feeling the after effects of this incredible adventure, so if you're getting antsy, unfulfilled, or stuck, consider this your permission to go.

Whether it's a one night camping trip without your phone or a commitment to van-lifing all winter or anything in between, you're a whole person- don't forget to feed your inner adventurer, too!

Looking to go on an adventure that gives back?

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