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Maintaining Soul in Storytelling and Creative Work in a Capitalist Society with Micheli Oliver | Creatives in the Wild Podcast

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Micheli Oliver (she/they) is a filmmaker, photographer and storyteller based in Denver, Colorado. Her work centers her family, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and femme voices to facilitate connection and help folx build strong relationships with the land.

Micheli works to create safe spaces for honest and joyful storytelling across different creative media and just premiered her debut film "Provide."

In this episode, Justine and Micheli chat about:

  • Growing up in Colorado with a passion for hunting, fishing, and camping

  • How being stranded in the middle of Idaho with a new camera led her to photography as a potential career path

  • Challenging the way that media portrays time outdoors; there's no one way to be outside

  • Uniting diverse groups through their love and appreciation of the land

  • Navigating the outdoor industry while prioritizing inclusivity and ethical practices

  • Personal values and ethics in creativity, selling, and the outdoor industry

  • Embracing truth and joy in storytelling

  • Projects and people that inspire her like: Jojo The Toad Musical, Max Romey and Alexandra Houchin

  • The joy and learnings of working with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina

  • The challenges of balancing commercial projects with personal projects.

and more!

Connect with Micheli:

Connect with Justine:

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