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What To Do When You Get a "No" to Your Pitch

A "no" can be an opportunity.

Taking a "no" as a conversation-ender is a big mistake for a small business!

First of all, they respect you enough to give you a "no," instead of ghosting you.

So, find out WHY it's a no.

No, not now? No, you're not experienced enough? No, we don't have the budget? Or one of endless other factors. Find out WHY, so you can think about in what ways you could work together in the future.

This is a valuable chance for feedback and future collaboration.

Find some way to cultivate your relationship with this prospective client. Ask if they are willing to give you feedback. Ask for a timeline to pop back into their inbox to revisit working together. Find some way to get to know each other or be of service to them, so that next time, you have a better chance of getting a yes.

Dealing with rejection is a practice.

I try to think of it with my data collecting hat on: What can I learn? What could I tinker? It helps me feel like I'm back in the driver's seat and have options moving forward.

Looking for more on pitching?

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