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How To Take Charge In Negotiating

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a freelancer or service provider?

Going into your first client call forgetting that at its core, it's a conversation.

One that includes determining if you're a good fit with each other and negotiating the terms of your partnership.

Instead, so many of us do any or all of the following:

👎We defer leadership to the client instead of taking responsibility for the meeting.

👎We go into the conversation not knowing what we are or not willing to accept in terms of payment.

👎We come with answers instead of questions.

👎We talk more about ourselves than we ask about the client.

👎We accept to lower our rates without lowering the deliverables.

Are you giving away your strategy for free?

Here's what a discovery call IS and ISN'T:

Having a great process sets you up for a great client relationship.

Check out upcoming events to practice these strategies!

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