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The Abundance of Dreams

Dreams, as tasty as they can be, aren’t pie or cake or anything you can slice into pieces taking from the whole. And yet, that’s what the world would have us believe. Earning a seat at the table. Opening and closing the door of opportunity. Having your cake and eating it too. There can only be 1. All I do is win, win, win no matter what #DJKhaled. We’re told that it’s always one or the other. Success or failure. Yours or mine. Is it really surprising then that the underlying mindset people have is “there isn’t enough for everyone”? Yes, we live on a finite planet with a finite amount of resources. Yes, when someone wins then another loses. I won’t deny that. But what if this “realistic” thinking was costing us our dreams, our longings, the very things that we desire most in the world? What if this was a Saboteur disguised as “reality”?

If you’re one of my clients, you probably know that I see dreams as hot air balloons. They’re sturdy baskets that carry us into the vastness of never ending possibility thanks to the energy of our most powerful hopes and longings. They take us ever higher, forever into the expanse, simply because we believe in them. Most importantly, they’re yours, entirely. Both in the sense that you alone get to create them, but also because all of your dreams can live in you simultaneously. You’re dream isn’t taking from my dream and vice versa. They can co-exist together like hot air balloons in different landscapes, riding different currents, at different altitudes. Our thousands of dreams can fill up the sky, co-existing. It’s not cake. It’s a dreamscape. So, what’s your dream? How high can you go with belief, hope, and desire?

Are you ready to build your hot air balloon?

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