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What is your box?

Updated: Mar 24

While working with a client these last few weeks, an image kept appearing in my mind: it was a of a bright green plant trapped in a black box. The plant’s leaves were pushing up against the box and couldn’t grow any bigger. Instead, it began to wilt and rot away. What I didn’t know at the time was that research shows that some plants actually do this; they grow only to the extent that their pot allows. If the pot is too small, it restricts how expansive the plant can grow to be regardless of how much sunshine and rain it gets. Does that sound familiar? Who here feels like they walk through their lives in a box? A box of limitations or restrictions? A good number of us have boxes that either we’ve built around ourselves with our shame and fear or that we’ve allowed other people to build for us with their expectations and limitations. But people are the same as plants. We only grow as far and as wide as our box is. So what would happen if we busted through the walls? What would happen if that plant poked a cheeky whole in that black box and let some sunshine and air and water in? What would happen if you tore down your box, piled it up and set it on fire? I’m wondering what my box looks like, what’s it’s made of and most importantly, how bright it would burn if I set it on fire. So, what are you doing today to tear down your box?

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