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What's the Alternative to Living a Life on Purpose?

In my most recent group coaching session, I got to witness the very feelings I’ve been battling for months, the Sage and the Saboteur head to head, fighting over purpose, meaning, and impact.

In this battle that many of us know well, there’s the channeling of the Sage self with a deep desire to live on purpose and positively impact the world and the rise of the Saboteur asking ‘What’s the point?” I saw overwhelm, anger, frustration, despair. As the conversation unfolded, I felt the rise of the Sage of all of the women present, building as a wave to drown out the Saboteur. As one participant brought up, the point is that you know you want to live in your power. You just do it for you, just because you know you need to. It doesn’t matter what the resounding impact is because you being your most authentic self is the ripple that can cause a massive wave across the world. Keep trusting in that.

I was in awe.

This is what we battle in a world with dangerous leaders, a climate in shambles, systemic racism ingrained throughout society, and 24/hr news cycle that makes money off of despair. We live in a world of Saboteurs asking us: what’s the point?

But deep down we hear the Sage ask instead: “what’s the alternative?”

If I don’t live in my purpose, if I don’t show up as my fullest, most powerful self, if I don’t wake up everyday determined do act from a place of self-awareness and courage, “what’s the alternative?”

A life un-lived. A yearning, a longing, a need ignored. If you ask me, that’s not much of an alternative.

Yes, the daily fight can be so brutal at times, but it definitely beats the alternative where, with each passing day, something beautiful deep inside breaks off and rots away. We need a world of fully alive individuals, always. We’re already seeing the alternative, and it isn’t much of one. So let’s trust our Sage, our Inner Leader, our deepest desire to live on purpose like there isn’t alternative.

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