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How to Deal with Money as a Freelancer: Pitching, Rates, Transparency + More

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Whether you're currently freelancing or considering starting, knowing how to handle all things money is key.

Listen into this special Freelancer Month episode of the Backcountry Marketing podcast, where we cover paradigms of money and how freelancers struggle with this.

We discuss:

  • Our preconceived notions about money and how money narratives can be pervasive

  • Our general discomfort around money and how we can make money conversations more comfortable

  • Pitching and pricing

  • Transparency and rates

Looking for freelance support?

I work with freelancers, creatives and entrepreneurs to find clarity, direction and momentum to move their work forward in a way that's authentic to them.

Check out my Momentum Sessions to get a boost toward your freelancing goals:

Comment with what lessons you've learned as a freelancer!

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