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6 Steps To Finally Manage Your Money As A Freelancer

You became a freelancer because you wanted freedom, right?

But if you're like many of my clients, you're...

  • stressed about savings

  • Googling how to do your taxes

  • pushing off bookkeeping

  • charging clients based on what others are charging

  • wondering if you're even meant to make it as a freelancer

Doesn't feel like freedom, does it?

But soon, it can.

My goal is to give you all the money mindset AND skillset that you'll ever need as a freelancer.

It takes 6 steps. Here's an overview:

1. Address your underlying money beliefs.

As humans, we tend to think that our sense of reality is unchangeable. The truth? Our sense of reality is based on beliefs, many of which we've been taught, and many of which we've picked up unconsciously.

Understanding what you believe about money is essential to creating a really strong financial foundation. It means that you're going to actively choose your sense of reality around money.

2. Get crystal-clear on your financial needs.

So many business owners avoid getting clear around their money because it's like shining a light into some of the darkest depths of our existence. I mean, money plays such a pivotal role in our ability to survive!

It's crucial to know what your current financial needs are-- and what you your financial aspirations are. What's the minimum amount of income you need to be a successful business owner? And what are you working towards so that you can start building a business that will sustain you financially for the future? We call those the "survive" and "thrive" numbers. And we need to determine them.

3. Understand pricing psychology and techniques.

You face a ton of factors when it comes to pricing your services as a freelancer. One hang-up? A lot of pricing psychology comes from product based pricing, which is not what it is that we do as service providers.

It's essential to understand all the different factors that you need to take into account in order to come up with a solid pricing strategy that takes all the guesswork out of your prices.

4. Determine how to price yourself NOW.

So many freelancers lower their hourly or project rates to accommodate clients-- but that won't get you to your dream numbers. It sounds simple, but it's impactful: strategically determine your hourly rate to correspond to the amount of money that you want to be making.

Discover the long term impact and implications of your pricing model to meet your financial aspirations-- it's key to sustainable finances!

5. Communicate your value to potential clients.

So, how do you communicate your pricing to your potential and future clients in a way that helps them understand the value of your work? There's a lot of psychology that goes into pricing and what people associate with various prices.

By understanding how humans think about money and pricing, you can ensure you're not shooting yourself in the foot in your own offerings. You can also develop confidence in speaking with leads and clients to make an excellent case for your services and what makes you stand out!

6. Set solid money systems in your business.

Solid bookkeeping can make your business finances WAY easier. The key? You need to actually use a system. And, it shouldn't be intimidating or difficult to use.

Collecting data, identifying trends, mapping income streams, and analyzing what's working and not is extremely empowering as a business owner-- plus, it all makes your business survive! Adopting strong systems enables you to make powerful long-term decisions.

That's it: 6 steps. The thing is, you need to commit to learning and implementing each one.

I wanted to create the only money course you'd ever need as a freelancer-- and it's finally coming!

The Money Clarity Course gives you both the education and the tools to build your business finances from the ground up.

You'll tackle all of the components that dictate your ability to earn an income from freelancing-- that is, the income you want.

What you'll find in the course: a walk-through of all 6 steps, downloadable templates, and plug-and-play bookkeeping tools

What you WON'T find: generalities, vague advice, and technical tools that require an MBA to understand.

The Money Clarity Course is a holistic experience for long-term money confidence in business. And I hope you'll join me there!

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