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The 3 Money Mindset Mistakes Freelancers Make and How to Overcome Them (Solo Episode) | Creatives in the Wild Podcast

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In my first few years as a coach and in all 7 years of my freelance work, I avoided money talk.

But as time went on, I realized how crucial it is to examine both our relationships with money and how we manage it in order to have a sustainable business and a purposeful life in a capitalist world.

I got there in part thanks to Rachel Rodgers, a business coach and CEO of Hello7, who helps women and marginalized communities empower themselves financially. Her book "We Should All Be Millionaires" changed everything for me.

And since I now love diving into money with my clients, this week on Creatives in the Wild, we're diving into three money tendencies I see often in my clients and how they can hold us back.

I'll share a tip on how to work through each tendency and how the Money Clarity Course for Freelancers has resources to guide you to a more empowered financial mindset and management practices.

Listen to hear about:

Money Avoidance:

  • "I don't know anything about money." "It's not polite." "Money is evil." "I can't even think about the state of my finances."

  • The massive cost in avoiding looking at your money and how it takes away from your agency and ability to make informed decisions

  • A tip to learn to become more comfortable with the discomfort around money

Money Overwhelm:

  • "I feel so confused on what I need to do with my money." "I can't tell if this financial advice is valid or right for me." "I have analysis paralysis after going down the Google rabbit hole."

  • How some freelancers are open and willing to talk about and think about money, but get in the weeds with the more tactical, hands-on side of it.

  • A tip to collect data to figure out your current money status and where you're headed.

Money Complacency:

  • "I'm getting by okay, but know I could make better money moves." "I'm not sure if my positioning matches my pricing and wonder what raising my prices would do." "I wish I could prioritize money management but no one is holding me accountable."

  • Your price is costing you: The small choices you make around money affect you in the long run, which can hurt if you're not making informed choices.

  • How to take action and start making empowered money moves in the future.


The Money Clarity Course for Freelancers Q3 cohort begins July 1, 2024!

If you resonate with any or multiple of the tendencies I talk about here, you might love the Money Clarity Course this summer.

It gives you an opportunity to be brave in addressing your money mindset and practices head-on, while providing accountability and resources to help you reach your financial goals.

I spent years putting together this course and believe it's the only money course you'll ever need as a freelancer.

We have live coaching calls every month plus lifetime access to the six sections of the course. We even have a certified accountant join in one module to give you the ins and outs of the financial system.

This entire course is built to help you do the work. I have both the tools and coaching to help you get there. Let's do this.

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