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Women on Fire

I am surrounded by women on fire. In each of them I see a bright candle light, the flame of their hopes, dreams, longings, desires, and visions. They radiate the piercing light of clarity and the soft glow of warmth simultaneously. It’s no surprise then that people flock to them like flies to a front porch lamp on a hot Southern summer’s night. They’re swarmed by people with their own longings and dreams, their own candle in need of a flicker to carry them through the darkness. And while some just need to be ignited, others are more demanding. Instead of taking the spark, they take the light in its entirety. The don’t want the flame, they want the candle. So they take, and take and take until that woman’s glow is transferred or lost completely, until all the wax has melted. Once the dark people have gotten what they needed, they’re surprised to find only the remnants of that woman. They don’t recognize her because all that’s left is smoke. To all the women out there, you’re a bright light radiating through the walls, the rubble, and the chaos of the world. Share your light, help ignite another’s flame again, spread the clarity, the brightness, the wisdom you have to give but please, don’t extinguish yours in the process. Surround yourself with people willing to share their flame, wanting to help build yours to it’s most powerful self, looking to create an inferno of positivity to alight the both of you simultaneously. You deserve it. I am surrounded by women on fire.

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