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Changing an Industry from the Inside Out with Andrea Kelly | Creatives in the Wild Podcast

Updated: Apr 9

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Andrea Kelly (she/her) is the Founder/CEO/Advisor of Make Plus Equal, an advisory agency that helps outdoor apparel brands serve diverse body types.

Voted by Outside Business Journal as one of 2022's Twenty Most Influential people in the Outdoor Industry, Andrea has been championing Size Inclusion for over 10 years. Her efforts and expertise not only doubled the revenue for the Inclusive Sizes program at her former employer, but have also positioned her to serve on various industry panels, keynotes, podcasts, and magazine articles.

By sharing 23+ years of outdoor apparel experience, Andrea educates brands so they can feel confident about driving their business forward, build more inclusive collections, and grow their revenue and market-share by earning the trust of loyal customers who have long awaited this change in the industry.

In this episode, Justine and Andrea chat about:

  • having 23 years of experience in the outdoor apparel industry and finding a passion for inclusive sizing

  • shifting from corporate work to consulting

  • being driven by a desire to change an industry from the inside out

  • making the outdoors available to everyone, regardless of size, by providing equal choices for all

  • a recent shift in the marketing and imagery of plus-size athletes that is moving the needle for inclusivity

  • educating brands on how to communicate with plus-size consumers and mitigate barriers to inclusive product development

  • the importance of taking risks and embracing twists and turns over a career and how that can build confidence

  • the importance of community and connection to mitigate anxiety in entrepreneurship

  • Andrea's experience with Justine's Freelancer Boot Camp

  • navigating negative self thoughts when you're self-employed

  • finding purpose through entrepreneurship, despite challenges

  • taking intentional left turns in a career in order to build skills and credibility

and more!

Learn about Freelancer Boot Camp here.

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