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3 Reminders for Freelancers Who Want to Build More Trust with Potential Clients

There’s a bias against freelancers.

Brands and businesses often assume that they’re flaky, unreliable, don’t meet expectations, or need too much managing.

The flip side? If you can demonstrate your own professionalism and credibility, you’ll stand out in the sea of service providers.

I dig way more into this in the Client Acquisition Cycle workshop recording, but to get you thinking, here are three reminders to help you build trust in your outreach process:

  1. Demonstrating the value of your work’s outcomes makes people trust you. People have to believe that the price they pay for a service is less than the value that they’ll get out of it. Help clients envision how their life and business will improve by working with you.

  2. Work through your own imposter syndrome first to build trust with others. Do you believe in your skills and the outcome you can provide clients? If not, leads will be able to tell. When you show up with authority, confidence, and a clear process, people notice.

  3. Building trust with a potential client doesn’t always mean they’ll hire you right away. Remember, relationships are a long game. You can build trust with contacts by telling them when you’re not a good fit for what they’re looking for. Or, they might tell you they can’t hire you right now, even if they want to, because of restraints or timing.  That’s okay, because if you listen, ask questions, and note a date that you’ll reach out in the future, you’ll stick in their minds.

When you build trust with your leads, you never want to lose it.

It’s a crucial step of the Client Acquisition Process, and once your lead gets there, it makes it much more likely to work together in the future.

I dive into all seven steps of the Client Acquisition Process in this workshop recording.

It’s a great hour-long watch for freelancers who are struggling to close clients, and who want to figure out where they’re getting stuck.

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