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How Color Designer and Strategist Dawn Rae Knoth Cultivates Long-Term Client Relationships through Meaningful Processes and Working with Constraints | Creatives in the Wild Podcast

Updated: Apr 9

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Dawn Rae Knoth (she/her) is a Color Designer + Trend Strategist who has been consulting with brands in the outdoor industry for over 21 years. She works with clients to implement meaningful, functional creative visions that elevate a brand's purpose, positioning, and consumer engagement.

Dawn Rae loves how her work combines multiple things that excite and fascinate her: art, pattern recognition, math, human behavior, emotional landscapes, curiosity, and science. In her monthly newsletter, Creative Intelligence, she shares insights on color and trend strategy, design, palette creation, and merchandising.

Outside of work, you will find her bikepacking with her family, trying to get to genius level on the Spelling Bee, and listening to podcasts that unpack the human experience.

In this episode, Justine and Dawn Rae chat about:

  • Color strategy and branding in the outdoor industry, which blends science and art

  • Embracing your unique personality and perspective as a freelancer, even if you’re not the absolute best at every single service you offer

  • Working with brands and reaching their goals even with logistical and budget constraints

  • How past work set Dawn Rae up with a big knowledge and experience base to start her own business

  • Leveraging long-term industry relationships and the importance of a wide-view industry perspective

  • Working with clients on a long-term basis: season to season or year after year

  • The emotion, stories, and strategy behind color

  • Building trust with clients through clear processes

  • Maintaining a personal artistic voice through a creative newsletter

and more!

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