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How Jessica Kennedy Uses Intuition in Website Design, SEO, Client Management, and Business Planning | Creatives in the Wild Podcast

Updated: Apr 9

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Jessica Kennedy (she/her) is a website designer and SEO specialist who builds, manages, and optimizes WordPress and Squarespace websites for small business owners.

She loves working with outdoor-loving folks who are starting a business or looking to improve their online presence. When not working, Jessica is usually dog-walking, camping, or laughing at something absurd on TikTok.

In this episode, Justine and Jessica chat about:

  • Always knowing that she'd work for herself someday, but still trying to make a "desk job" work

  • The journey to her current business, including taking a desk job at Yosemite National Park

  • How freelancing makes it easier for Jessica to live and work aligned with her values

  • Balancing creativity with client desires and taking leadership while serving clients

  • Dismantling people-pleasing tendencies

  • The importance of freelancers to create a sense of safety for their clients

  • The value of word of mouth marketing, time with peers, and coaching

  • How Jessica makes intentional decisions in her business and beyond, noticing intuition and truly listening to what she does and doesn't want to do

  • Using structure to add data and science to her intuition in business

and more!

Learn about Freelancer Boot Camp here.

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