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Rewriting the Narrative

This week, in my Womxn's Specific Trailblazer Group Coaching we dug deep into our personal stories, both the ones we tell ourselves and those we tell others. We examined how these stories shape our emotions, our identities, and therefore of the world.

Half way through our call, we found ourselves discussing the role that Instagram plays in our businesses. Here is a tool to communicate who we are as individuals and what our businesses are all about to our community of supporters and clients.. And yet, it became quickly apparent that this tool had become a weapon to many of us. Instead of being the pen we used to write our own narrative, it's become the projector of the story we should be living. Instead of serving as an extension of our authentic and individual message, it's now the cage to keep our voice contained in what is "coherent". Our Saboteurs had taken the app hostage and it was time to take it back. So, as a collective, we did. We each challenged each other to do the very thing our Saboteurs were telling us not to. We weren't "coherent", "clean", or "with our grid". We experimented. We played around. We showed another side to our story, one that Saboteurs told us know one would want to hear. We took control of the narrative using Instagram as a tool in our rebellion instead of allowing algorithms, followers, likes and a color palette dictate our story. And it feels damn good. What story in you is begging to be shared?

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